Balancing Beauty and Security with Strategic Landscape Lighting

If you are looking to add beautiful touches to your night time landscaping while also improving outdoor security, there’s no better way to achieve your goals than having professionally installed landscape lights. According to a study at, strategically placed outdoor lights can help deter crime, as many thieves prefer to mask their efforts in darkness. […]

Six Great Reasons to Choose LED Home Landscape Lighting

If you want to decorate and brighten your property with landscape lighting, be sure to use LEDs. Light-emitting diodes offer an impressive assortment of valuable benefits. They conserve power, last for many years and work well in outdoor conditions. You may even find that they attract fewer pests than other lights.
LED Durability
Unlike some alternatives, an […]

Popular Outdoor Lighting Types and Features

For most homeowners, their home is their castle. It is usually the largest investment they will make in their lifetime. While most give plenty of attention to interior décor and exterior maintenance, those who wish to elevate their home’s beauty and appeal to a transcendent dimension will not overlook the importance of outdoor illumination.

Outdoor lighting […]

Lighting Techniques to Enhance Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting is nothing to take lightly. Quality illumination makes the difference between a house that is inviting and appealing at all hours and one that no one notices after 6 PM. Exterior lighting is also crucial for safety, preventing tripping, falling, and other accidents. The following tips will maximize your home’s curb appeal and value while […]

Facts About Light

The potential for light to perform work is called light energy. Light energy is the only form of energy that we can actually see directly. It is formed through chemical, radiation, and mechanical means. Light energy can also be converted into other forms of energy.

Interesting Light Energy Facts:

Light travels at a speed of about […]

What Ice???

Creative Nightscapes installs outdoor lighting … ice or no ice!!!

Planning Your Landscape Lighting Projects

Your home, garden or yard is an extension of your living area. Especially in Texas, where nights and winters tend to be mild, and much of the year offers wonderful weather for outdoor living, beautiful lighting can increase the amount of useable space on your property, as well as providing safety and security. If you […]

Landscaping Looks Even Better At Night with Lighting

You’ve just invested a great deal of time money and effort into new landscaping around your home and you are proud to have one of the best looking landscaped gardens in the neighborhood. Your garden and landscaping looks amazing all day long. Once evening comes, you have to wait until the sunrises to enjoy it […]

Little Things Make a Big Difference In Outdoor Lighting Design

Outdoor landscape lighting for your Texas home not only adds a level of security but greatly enhances the beauty of your home’s exterior at night. Landscape lighting design takes skill and experience both of which all of the outdoor lighting design experts at Creative Nightscapes have immensely. One of the tactics our designers employ […]

Creative Nightscapes Goes The Extra Mile For Outdoor Lighting Design

Here at Creative Nightscapes Outdoor Lighting we take pride in going the extra mile for our customers.

For example, in a recent job our client wanted their lake side gazebo highlighted at night. Our design team went to work to create design that would work to that end. Our installers soon were busy installing lighting […]