What Is the Best LED Color Temperature For Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting is perfect for helping boost the aesthetics, safety, and overall feel of your North Texas home and outdoor living space. Whether you are looking to light up an outdoor entertainment center, a pool, or just the walkways of your garden or driveway, you will need to know what color temperature you are looking […]

Colorful lights set the mood at poolside

Inside Look at LEDs

Inside Look at LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) You’ve probably noticed the word “LED” appearing on the packages of your lights more and more, and you might be wondering why it seems like everyone has suddenly adopted this new type of light as opposed to the traditional incandescent lighting you may be used to. The Creative […]

LED lighting sets the mood for an outdoor sitting area

What Causes Premature LED Failures?

LEDs are renowned for their incredible lifespan, energy efficiency, and gorgeous soft light color. When it comes to outdoor lighting, LEDs are extremely reliable and can last for years. However, some homeowners have asked us why their LED lights have suddenly given out on them, leaving their homes in the dark. What leads to premature […]


Myths About LED Lighting

The world of lighting keeps getting more innovative. With LED lighting, energy efficiency and environmental protection are factors many homeowners and business owners consider when choosing their lighting. However, many people are often hesitant to give up their old bulbs in favor of LEDs. Some myths surrounding LED lights include that they are expensive or […]

Two-story home with pond in front at night lit up by security lighting

Lighting Choices To Promote Energy Efficiency

Whether your goal is to save the planet, reduce your expenses, or achieve a combination of both, saving energy is one of the best ways to meet it. Most homeowners use more energy than necessary for a wide variety of daily activities and thus have many chances to cut their consumption without changing their lifestyles […]

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The Latest in Green Outdoor Lighting Technology

Outdoor lighting has so many appeals. It can drive business traffic, protect residents and complete the masterpiece that is a beautiful home. While you want to enjoy all of these perks, you also care about your impact on the environment. We have you covered. Creative Nightscapes always strives to stay current with the latest outdoor […]

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Six Great Reasons to Choose LED Home Landscape Lighting

If you want to decorate and brighten your property with landscape lighting, be sure to use LEDs. Light-emitting diodes offer an impressive assortment of valuable benefits. They conserve power, last for many years and work well in outdoor conditions. You may even find that they attract fewer pests than other lights. LED Durability Unlike some […]

LED Lighting sets the mood around a pool on a perfect evening

Choose LEDs For Your Outdoor Lighting System

Homeowners have multiple lights to choose from when designing their outdoor lighting systems. Many exterior landscape lighting companies work with incandescent or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, but Creative Nightscapes uses light-emitting diode (LED) lights to enhance each customer’s design. For years, interior and exterior lighting designers used incandescent bulbs to light their creations. Incandescent bulbs […]

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How to Choose the Best LED Color Temperature

To begin, LED stands for “light emitting diode”. An LED is actually a semiconductor that emits light in a highly efficient manner. LED lights are far smaller than a standard bulb, use less engr., are more durable, last longer, are free of harmful toxins, do not emit harmful ultraviolet rays and are brighter. In addition […]

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Why is Kichler the Top Name in Outdoor Lighting

Kichler’s Pride in Lighting Craftsmanship Kichler fully understands the hard work and dedication you put into your home and the great sense pride you have for your home and the work you have done. Kichler takes as much pride in the craftsmanship of its LED outdoor lighting products. Kichler Design Pro LED outdoor lighting system […]

Kichler security Lighting lines a palatial estate

Install Quality Outdoor Lighting Products

How to Distinguish Quality Lighting Products Can we talk, I mean really talk. I have had potential clients ask me about a company in our area selling “custom-made fixtures” for outdoor lighting that are “waterproof.” My answer to them is that custom made doesn’t always mean quality. Let me give you my take on the […]

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