Kichler security Lighting lines a palatial estate

Kichler’s Pride in Lighting Craftsmanship

Kichler fully understands the hard work and dedication you put into your home and the great sense pride you have for your home and the work you have done. Kichler takes as much pride in the craftsmanship of its LED outdoor lighting products.

Kichler Design Pro LED outdoor lighting system gives you four seasons of perfect illumination – allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your home’s exterior and landscape after dusk and create outdoor spaces that are safe and welcoming. Our LED outdoor lights assure your landscape lighting offers everything you need to love the end result – a beautiful quality of light, 75% energy savings and easy maintenance.

Warm White LED Lighting

Kichler delivers the finest quality of warm white light to enhance your exterior surroundings. Kichler lighting lets you enjoy the light without the inconvenience of changing light bulbs because our LED lights rarely need changing. Backed by the best landscape lighting warranty available, Kichler Design Pro LED is proven to offer electricity savings of nearly 75% over traditional lighting options. Plus, our lights are free of toxic chemicals.

You’ve selected the perfect shades of annuals and perennials. Now bring them to beautiful light. Kichler’s Design Pro LED makes it simple: reds look red and greens look green. Design Pro LED assures that colors come alive in their natural tones. It delivers a pure, warm white light that doesn’t have a blue cast or yellow tint like other light sources.

Engineered to Maximize LED Technology

That means your professional landscape lighting contractor can set your lighting to deliver a perfectly precise beam angle for a solid punch of light exactly where you intend – on your plants, trees, and home, and not on your neighbor’s.

What should you look for in your landscape light source?

Solutions for every application – decks, patios, ponds, landscapes and more. A beam angle that can be precisely set and projected where intended. A fixture that doesn’t attract mosquitoes. A pure, warm white light that enhances your home and landscape’s natural tones. No light bulbs to change. A strong warranty. 75% energy savings.

LED Uses 75% Less Electricity

Kichler Design Pro LED fixtures uses 75% less electricity than traditional landscape lighting fixtures. When coupled with Kichler’s long-life Design Pro LED chips, this can result in thousands of dollars in savings for you over the life of the system. Less waste also means less impact on the environment.

Kichler Design Pro LED fixtures are tested to last more than 20 times the life of most regular light bulbs – meaning over the course of 15 years, you’ll have no bulbs to buy and no bulbs to throw away. Plus, Design Pro LED is eco-friendly and free of mercury and toxic chemicals, so you never have to worry about disposing of hazardous waste. Quality and technology designed to perform. At Kichler, quality is more than just a word.

We test every fixture we make and back up our products with an unprecedented warranty* on all LED chips and all electronics used in residential applications. This unmatched performance allows you to enjoy the light without worry.