LED lighting sets the mood for an outdoor sitting area

Why Should I Choose LED Lighting for My Landscape?

LED (light emitting diodes) lighting has many advantages over incandescent light sources, including lower energy consumption, longer life, improved robustness and smaller size.

There are advantages to using LED lighting instead of halogen or HID (high-intensity discharge) lighting.

First, is the considerable energy savings. LED lighting uses approximately 75% less energy to operate than other lighting systems currently in place. Not only is this significant to life on our planet, but the dollars saved can be quite substantial and will continue to make a difference as the cost of electricity goes up in the future. Second, LEDs last a very long time. The excellent quality of LED products used by Creative Nightscapes is rated for 40,000 hours of use. This means the LED fixture will last approximately fifteen years when in use from dusk to midnight every day of the year.

A tall LED light fixture overlooking a gardenCreative Nightscapes offers two types of LED options for our clients. We offer a factory sealed encapsulated LED fixture with a manufacturer’s warranty of 15 years. We also offer our LED replaceable lamp has a 6-year manufacturer’s warranty, but should last up to 40,000 hours.

LED fixtures do not contain filaments that might burn out; LEDs are Light Emitting Diodes, not bulbs. The LED light fixture does not suffer catastrophic failures like other lighting fixtures and lamps. While a halogen lighting system requires you to spend money to replace burnt out lamps, an LED system allows you to save most of these dollars. There will be some maintenance needs with an LED system such as cleaning lenses and adjusting the aim of the fixtures from time to time, these services are quick and inexpensive.

LED Color Options

Next, there is the question of color. We are asked about the color of the LED light more than anything else. We are all familiar with the blue, green, red and other colors of LED lighting that have been around for years. All too often we have also seen the very characteristic white LED lighting that borders on the color blue. We find that very few people like the color of most LED lights on the market. The biggest reason you see so much of the bluer color lights is because they are cheap.

Creative Nightscapes uses only the highest quality LED products with specific color “binning” to achieve a much warmer, more pleasing color of light. The color of the LED light output from our fixtures is the same color spectrum as halogen: warmer and amber. We have actually placed LED and Halogen next to each other and found homeowners cannot identify the difference between the two.

LED Lighting WHigh-quality

gh quality products should have excellent warranties to support them. The fixtures used by Creative Nightscapes are covered by the manufacturer for 15 years. There is no other LED product on the market today that carries a warranty so substantial.

Installing and Maintaining Outdoor LED Lighting Systems

Installation of an LED lighting system will cost a little more than a halogen system. But the value of an LED lighting system is far superior. With LED we use lower wattage transformers, lighter gauge wire, and requires less time to install, so the complete installation actually cost only about 25% more, despite the fact that LED fixtures cost more than twice their counterparts. Because of the advantages in longer life, lower maintenance expenses, and greater energy savings, the investment in an LED lighting system will essentially cost 50% less over the life of the system than a halogen system.