The Latest in Green Outdoor Lighting Technology

LED Light fixtures line a stone pathway

Outdoor lighting has so many appeals. It can drive business traffic, protect residents and complete the masterpiece that is a beautiful home. While you want to enjoy all of these perks, you also care about your impact on the environment. We have you covered. Creative Nightscapes always strives to stay current with the latest outdoor lighting technology, so we are here to share with you the latest in green lighting technology.

Solid State Lighting

This sounds like science fiction, but solid-state lighting is now the most common form of new lighting in the world. The most common forms of solid state lighting are light-emitting polymers, organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) and light-emitting diodes (LED). Light-emitting polymers largely consist of innovative technologies. The newest, most experimental lights will fall into this category, and in many

The newest, most experimental lights will fall into this category, and in many cases, they are extremely expensive or unavailable. OLEDs are less experimental, but they are not a mainstream option. You have undoubtedly heard of LEDs, and in most applications, they are the light of choice.

Whether you want to foray into experimental options or not, solid state options are superior to incandescent lights for a number of reasons. For starters, they produce more light with less energy. This saves on energy bills and minimizes heat produced by the lights making them safer in several categories. They also last many years longer than their traditional counterparts which

They also last many years longer than their traditional counterparts which minimize production-related carbon emissions and waste. Finally, solid-state lights produce less ultraviolet radiation. This makes them the primary option for promoting good light health and reducing light pollution.

Outdoor Light Sensors and Control Systems

One of the easiest ways to go green with your lighting is to try and keep the lights off whenever possible. This concept seems counter to balance the safety and aesthetic benefits of outdoor lighting, but the latest in technology can bring all three concepts into harmony. With timers, light sensors and a smart control system, you can have a lighting plan that is optimized for safety and environmental friendliness.

Light sensors ensure that lights are never on when it is unnecessary. More importantly, timers are an easy way to transition from full display to security vital settings as the night progresses. In most cases, you won’t need your colorful highlights on full blast at four in the morning. Instead, you can cut all but the essential lights and compliment them with motion detection to spotlight anything suspicious.

Your home can have the best of beauty and security without harming the environment. Whether you want an Energy Star certified plan or your own custom design, we have the means to provide. You can sleep easier knowing that your lighting solution is equal parts practical and responsible.

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