Lighting highlights the curb appeal of a modern home

Lighting Techniques to Enhance Curb Appeal

Outdoor lighting is nothing to take lightly. Quality illumination makes the difference between a house that is inviting and appealing at all hours and one that no one notices after 6 PM. Exterior lighting is also crucial for safety, preventing tripping, falling, and other accidents. The following tips will maximize your home’s curb appeal and value while […]

Well Groomed Pine Trees seen by the light of an outdoor fixture

Landscaping Looks Even Better At Night with Lighting

Landscaping Lighting for Nighttime Beauty You’ve just invested a great deal of time money and effort into new landscaping around your home and you are proud to have one of the best looking landscaped gardens in the neighborhood. Your garden and landscaping look amazing all day long. Once evening comes, you have to wait until […]

Outdoor Lighting highlights the Tudor architecture of a home

Hiring an Outdoor Lighting Company

Not Every Outdoor Lighting Company is Created Equal. Hello from the Team at Creative Nightscapes Outdoor Lighting. Our goal in writing our blog is to have a more informed clientele to allow for open and honest information in helping folks make the best decision possible for hiring an outdoor lighting company to Design, Install and […]

Landscaping features illuminated by bright outdoor lights

Enjoy Fall Nights With Outdoor Lighting

Enjoy Fall Evenings Outdoors with Landscape Lighting Thursday, September 22nd is the first day of fall. Summer is almost over and with the fall comes crisp evenings and great outdoor evening weather. Get the most out of the evenings this fall with some outdoor lighting that will warm the night. Bar B Qs are better […]

A home decorated for the Harvest season is lit up at night

Outdoor Lighting Techniques For Fall

With holidays, family gatherings, and idyllic weather, fall is the perfect time for homeowners to update their outdoor lighting systems. The leaves, rain, and snow that make fall a rich and beautiful season can also damage your exterior lighting system and prevent you from enjoying your outdoor space. As the seasons change and you prepare […]

The entrance to a stone clinic building is lit byy security lighting at night

Why Should I Do Exterior Lighting System Maintenance?

A custom outdoor lighting system improves security around your home and creates curb appeal, and many homeowners believe that they are easy to install. But your exterior lighting system is actually a complex framework of individual parts that are used to create a flawless design. Over time, those components can break down and destroy your […]

Bright Lights Illuminate a white 2-story home

Outdoor Security Lighting Techniques To Deter Crime

Many homeowners install outdoor lighting systems to enhance the natural beauty of their home, but outdoor lighting systems can also be used to deter crime. An outdoor lighting system that is designed to address security concerns protects homeowners from thieves, vandals, and other criminals that could endanger your home and your family. Why Should I […]

LED Lighting adds colorful blue accents to a palatial home

Why Should I Hire An Exterior Lighting Design Company?

An exterior lighting system allows homeowners to highlight the beauty of their property while protecting their home from vandalism and thieves. Professionally installed outdoor lighting systems are beautiful and functional, and the elegant simplicity of an effective design can fool homeowners into thinking that exterior lighting systems are easy to design and install. But exterior […]

Lighting creates the mood around a mid river estate

Choose LEDs For Your Outdoor Lighting System

Homeowners have multiple lights to choose from when designing their outdoor lighting systems. Many exterior landscape lighting companies work with incandescent or compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs, but Creative Nightscapes uses light-emitting diode (LED) lights to enhance each customer’s design. For years, interior and exterior lighting designers used incandescent bulbs to light their creations. Incandescent bulbs […]

Colorful Poolside lighting add to the beauty of a modern swimming pool

Outdoor Lighting Techniques For Special Events

Whether you’re enjoying the ambiance or showcasing a unique feature in your yard, an outdoor lighting system can set the right tone for your party. Follow these tips to modify your current outdoor lighting system for a special event. Outdoor Lighting Tips For Special Events Major Changes LEDs, colored lights, and special fixtures can be […]

well designed lighting accents the beauty of a stone wall at night

Make An Entrance: Outdoor Lighting Techniques For Your Home

During the day, it is easy to see the features that make your house beautiful. But at night, poor lighting and low visibility can reduce your home’s curb appeal. Whether you’re pulling into a driveway or walking towards the front door, an exterior lighting system can highlight the beauty of your home. Outdoor Lighting Techniques […]

A designed lighting feature on the exterior wall is reflected in the pool

Stay Safe: Outdoor Lighting Techniques For Your Home

Spring has arrived! As the weather gets warmer and your family spends more time outside of the home, your property should be easily accessible at all times. An outdoor lighting system can help you safely travel around your property at any time of the day or night. Many homeowners love the aesthetics of an outdoor […]

A light fixture hangs from a white trellis

Use These Outdoor Lighting Techniques To Illuminate Your Garden

Spring is on its way! As you prepare for longer days and warmer weather, take time to map out your landscape design. An outdoor lighting system can add a decorative touch and improve the look and feel of your garden. Outdoor Lighting Techniques For Your Garden Lighting Trees Ground fixtures are perfect for casting light […]

Artistic accents highlight the lighting design on a sidewalk

Outdoor Lighting For Walkways

The walkways that surround your home serve an important function. Paved paths allow you to freely travel to and from your house without damaging the landscape. Walkways can be decorative and intricately designed, but they are also essential to the use of your property. Outdoor lighting will keep your walkways beautiful and functional at all […]

Lights installed around a patio set the poolside mood

Outdoor Lighting for Outdoor Kitchens

With the right lighting, an outdoor kitchen can turn any patio into a social hotspot. A professionally installed outdoor lighting system will highlight the features of your outdoor kitchen and allow you to keep cooking long after dark. An outdoor kitchen has specialized lighting needs. Many companies use low voltage lighting because it lasts longer […]