A beautiful display of outdoor lighting

Looking to take your outdoor entertaining to the next level? If so, then it might be time to refresh and update your outdoor lighting. After all, the right outdoor lighting can help you extend your entertaining well into the evening hours without skipping a beat. Meanwhile, outdoor fixtures can provide just the right type (and amount) of light when you need it most—whether it be task lighting, mood lighting, or anything in between.

When incorporating the best lighting into your existing outdoor space, there are a few creative ideas to consider. Of course, the best way to optimize your exterior lighting is to consult with a team of professionals, like our experts at Creative Nightscapes!

String Lights

String lights have become extremely popular for use outdoors in the past several years. These lights are extremely versatile and can be easily hung just about anywhere. Most often, you will see them suspended from a patio/deck or even placed around an outdoor gathering area (such as a fire pit). It is also quite common to see them strung across plants to create a whimsical feel that has the added benefit of keeping guests from accidentally stepping on greenery.

There are many advantages to using string lights outdoors, beginning with the fact that they can be easily installed and removed. This makes them a great choice to hang for special events, though high-quality string lights can be kept up for many months.

String lights can also be controlled with a simple switch or placed on a timer for added convenience. Meanwhile, depending on the brightness, they can easily create a cozy/romantic atmosphere or a more exciting environment. This type of lighting is even available in a wide range of color options if you’re looking to add more visual interest.

Path Lighting

Looking for a lighting option that will provide some ambiance and an added sense of security at the same time? Path lighting is a smart choice. When placed along a walkway or other exterior pathway, this type of lighting is functional and helps you and your guests avoid tripping hazards. Path lighting is frequently used around stairs or other changes in elevation.

If you have multiple outdoor entertainment spaces (such as a patio and separate fire pit area), path lighting can also help your guests get from one place to the next without tripping. However, we suggest that you do not solely rely on solar-powered lights; they do not store enough energy to be effective.

Kitchen Lighting

If preparing food outside in an outdoor kitchen or eating area,  you’ll need reliable task lighting around your grill or other cooking space, especially during the darker evening hours. The right lighting can also help you see your food better to ensure proper and thorough cooking.

And of course, when it comes time to serve your food, great kitchen lighting can help highlight food for your guests and make them feel more comfortable. If you have an outdoor bar space, you’ll also want to have some excellent mood lighting here. Just make sure that if you have an outdoor television, this lighting isn’t too bright to the point that it overpowers the television.

Decorative Fixtures

Even with the right mood and task lighting, it’s never a bad idea to have a few decorative fixtures to accent important pieces in your garden. This can include statues, waterfalls, and special plants. Decorative lighting fixtures can create a distinctive place for your guests’ eyes to focus on while showing off the “pride and joy” of your yard. Meanwhile, these fixtures also add an extra layer of sophistication and character to your outdoor living space.

Some common examples of decorative fixtures can include:

  • well-lighting
  • spotlighting
  • moonlighting
  • underwater lighting

Don’t Use Overpowering Lights

No matter what type of lighting fixtures you select, don’t overpower the natural beauty of your living space with lights that are too strong or bright. Instead, focus on finding the right balance between light and darkness to create a soothing atmosphere that you and your loved ones can enjoy.

Need Help Creating the Perfect Outdoor Lighting?

There’s certainly a lot to keep in mind when it comes to selecting and installing the perfect outdoor lighting solutions for your home. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, then working with a team of lighting professionals might be a good idea.

At Creative Nightscapes, we specialize in exterior lighting solutions and can make recommendations to suit your exact needs while adding warmth, beauty, and security to your property. Find out more about our offerings or schedule your lighting design consultation with us by contacting our team.

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