Outdoor lighting illuminates a beautiful University Park home

April through September is the peak season for moving. Summer brings in warm and beautiful weather, and it is the perfect time for families to search for their dream home. If your family is planning on moving and selling your old home, these upcoming months would be the perfect time to do it! However, you will want your home to stand out amongst the competition and catch potential buyer’s eyes. One way to do that is up the curb appeal and invest in outdoor lighting.

Highlighting Beautiful Features of Your Home or Landscape

Outdoor lighting makes a huge impact on potential buyers. The gorgeous illumination of the light on your trees, porch, and over unique features, such as a pool or outdoor kitchen can be captivating. As most individuals usually scope out potential home buys at night after work, allowing your home to take the spotlight with beautiful outdoor lighting can help increase the chances of a sale.

Tips for Choosing Outdoor Lighting

If you are unsure where to put your investment of outdoor lights, not to worry. The design team at Creative Nightscapes has a few tips and pointers to ensure your home is noticed.

Tree Lighting Techniques: Trees offer a valuable focal point for your landscape. Help show them off by using mounted lights that are high enough to capture large portions of your yard and light your trees. If you have a particular tree that has gorgeous foliage or that has a unique character (has a double trunk or maybe it has an eye-catching curve), show it off with lighting. This will help illuminate the beauty of the truck and the bottom of the tree’s foliage, leaving the rest of it in beautiful shadows, making a nice visual contrast.

Using Variable Vantage Points: Take advantage of your home’s other unique outdoor features as well! Using standing lights in the garden alongside path lights will help capture the beauty of your smaller plants, such as shrubs and flowers. If you have a unique garden feature that acts as the centerpiece, such as a statue or fountain, use spotlights to put those features on full display.

Safety and Security

While the beauty of your home is a quick selling point, nothing beats the feeling of safety and security for a new family. Outdoor lighting is fantastic for discouraging burglars, lighting up paths to avoid tripping over unseen obstacles and provide a welcoming environment for guests. Porch lighting, path lighting, and motion sensor lights are all perfect for these purposes and can perform the extra duty of catching any major architectural features of your home.

Additional Outdoor Lighting Tips to Help Your Home Sell Faster

  • Opt for LED Lights: LED lighting is known for its energy efficiency, longevity, and beautiful illumination.
  • Trigger not a switch: Instead of flipping a switch, set your home’s lighting to a timer. You can program the lights, and then forget about them.
  • Fixtures that are weather-conscious: The area you live in can tell you a lot about what kind of fixtures will be best for your home. Investing in weather guard fixtures will be extremely important if it rains a lot or the severe weather is frequent as it can be in the DFW area.

Invest in an Outdoor Lighting Team That Has a Strong Reputation

When it comes to selling your home, you want professionals who can guarantee your home will look immaculate when it comes time to show it off. Creative Nightscapes can help you create a gorgeous outdoor and landscape lighting, making the transition from outdoors to inside the home breathtaking. Contact our team for more information or to schedule a free consultation today!

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