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Outdoor Lighting & Design in Decatur, Texas

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Decatur, TX 76234
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Outdoor Lighting & Design in Decatur, Texas

Creative Nightscapes
Decatur, TX 76234
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  • Outdoor Lighting & Design in Decatur, Texas

Outdoor Lighting & Design in Decatur, Texas

Since our founding in 2004, Creative Nightscapes has been proudly serving the Decatur, Texas area with all of their outdoor lighting needs. From landscape lighting to poolside lighting, our team can handle it all. Our fantastic customer service and dedication to excellence has won our outdoor lighting professionals many awards, such as the Diamond Award for Most Outstanding Contractor in the United States.

We have completed over 7,000 outdoor lighting projects throughout the Decatur, Texas area, and proudly handle both residential and commercial outdoor lighting projects. There is no task too big or too small for our team.

Our Landscape Lighting Services in Decatur, Texas

Creative Nightscapes is Decatur, Texas’s go-to outdoor lighting resource. We offer a wide range of outdoor lighting services for both residential and commercial properties, including:

Outdoor Lighting for your home or commercial property increases its overall value and curb appeal. Creative Nightscapes only uses the best in the industry, offering high-quality low-voltage lighting that is built to handle the Texas elements. These fixtures are backed by warranties, protecting our clients’ investment so that they are never left out in the dark.

Landscape Lighting in Decatur, Texas

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For the best outdoor lighting to showcase your home, Creative Nightscapes is the solution. Outdoor lighting can have a significant impact on the look and feel of your home. With a well-lit entryway, you can create an inviting atmosphere that makes your house a home. Whether you want accent lighting on your front door, or you want to create a full lighting concept for your entire yard, Creative Nightscapes offers many solutions for all of your outdoor lighting needs.

LED Low Voltage Lighting in Decatur, Texas

Outdoor LED Pathway Light

Creative Nightscapes offers environmentally friendly outdoor LED landscape lighting for a Greener tomorrow. This type of low voltage outdoor lighting offers a safe and reliable energy solution for illuminating homes and landscaping all night for pennies a day. You don’t want to have big electric bills, though, and there are ways to get the lighting you love without a lot of expense. 

Landscape LED lighting is a great way to make your yard really stand out in Decatur. One of the best ways to do that is through the use of low voltage lighting, which doesn’t use a lot of electricity but easily lights up even the biggest yards when placed correctly. 

We offer excellent options for eco-friendly lighting, so you can get everything you want in your outdoor lighting without harming your plants or the rest of the surrounding environment. Taking care of your yard is important while you work to make it look as good as possible, day or night.

Outdoor Lighting Installation in Decatur, Texas

For quality lighting installation and design for your home and yard, Creative Nightscapes is ready to work with you. Your property in Decatur, Texas deserves to look great during the day and at night. Landscape lighting installation can be difficult for an amateur, and this is why planning, design, and installation is always best left up to the pros. If you live in the Decatur, Texas area and you are looking for a new lighting concept and design for your yard, it’s time to contact Creative Nightscapes.

Decatur Commercial Outdoor Lighting

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Commercial lighting not only enhances the appearance of your commercial property but it can also be the difference between a customer passing you by or walking into your doors. Creative Nightscapes offers a wide range of commercial-grade outdoor lighting fixtures to meet your needs. Whether it is security lighting or lighting for a water feature, our team has you covered.

Resources for Decatur, Texas

Decatur, Texas is a small town and residents feel part of a community there. The population is relatively young, and residents enjoy heading out to local parks for recreation. To get more involved in the community, residents tend to volunteer for their favorite cause. This is rural living, although it’s close enough to Dallas and Fort Worth to give people who live in Decatur plenty to do during their time off.

The population of Decatur, Texas is 6,301, with a median age of 32. It’s a small town that is 56% female and 44% male. The median household income is $46,161. It’s an affordable area of Texas, with a young population.

Home Prices in Decatur, Texas

The median home price in Decatur, Texas is $137,600, making Decatur one of the more affordable towns within the Dallas/Fort Worth region. Home prices are expected to remain stable, as the housing market throughout Texas has remained strong. People looking for home restoration services in Decatur often trust Rainbow International. People searching for a home in Decatur can find a home that is affordable, especially considering the low mortgage rates that are still available to qualified buyers.

Visiting Decatur, Texas

Decatur, Texas is roughly 40 miles north of Fort Worth. It’s a residential area and a small town in the heart of Texas. Most visitors to the Decatur area enjoy visiting the local parks and heading out for a ride to Dallas or Fort Worth to take in some of the local history. Decatur isn’t a big tourist town, but this doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer visitors to the area.

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