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Outdoor Lighting & Design in Dalworthington Gardens, Texas

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Outdoor Lighting & Design in Dalworthington Gardens

Creative Nightscapes has been proud to offer high-quality outdoor lighting design and installation services in Dalworthington Gardens since 2004. When Patrick Cheatham established the company that year, he did so in order to ensure that residential and commercial customers had a reliable way to enhance their properties. Throughout the years, our team of lighting experts have successfully handled 7,000+ projects. We have a team of over a dozen employees waiting to help you with your lighting design and installation needs.

Online reviews posted by those who have hired us have been overwhelmingly positive. These reviews have praised our experts for the quality of their work and their courtesy and professionalism. Our customers can count on us to provide them with outstanding service throughout their project. Our company maintains a high standard of quality and remains in good standing with the Better Business Bureau. We are also a member of the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals.

Our Landscape Lighting Services in Dalworthington Gardens, Texas

Creative Nightscapes is proud to offer unparalleled outdoor lighting design and installation services to both residential and commercial properties in Dalworthington Gardens, Texas. We offer a wide variety of outdoor lighting services, including:

Outdoor lighting is one of the first aspects of your home that individuals notice. The light that comes from outdoor lighting can transform the overall look and feeling of your home at night. Without it, your property may look dark and looming under the cover of the night. Don’t let your Dalworthington Gardens, Texas property turn into something out of a horror movie and instead, highlight its best characteristics with gorgeous outdoor lighting from Creative Nightscapes!

Landscape Lighting Design and Installation in Dalworthington Gardens, Texas

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At Creative Nightscapes, we offer landscape lighting services in Dalworthington Gardens for both residential and commercial customers. Whether you want to highlight a feature or two or create a more widespread lighting design that covers more areas of your property, we can help. Our experts can help you choose landscape lights and come up with the perfect design.

LED Lighting in Dalworthington Gardens, Texas

Having enough lighting outdoors is important for safety, but the wrong bulbs can run up your electric bill. Creative Nightscapes can help you save money on your bills with the use of energy-efficient LED lighting. Our team provides LED lighting design and installation services for homeowners and commercial property owners.

Dalworthington Gardens Security Lighting

When you have security lighting on your residential or commercial property in Dalworthington Gardens, this can provide you with peace of mind. Creative Nightscapes provides an impressive selection of security lights so that you can come up with the right design to keep your home or business safe from intruders.

Patio Lighting in Dalworthington Gardens, Texas

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With patio lighting, you don’t have to avoid sitting outside when it’s dark out anymore. At Creative Nightscapes, our lighting professionals can help you choose the most suitable patio lights to enhance this part of your property. Whether you want soft lighting for ambiance or brighter lighting for entertaining guests at your home in Dalworthington Gardens, we’re here to help.

Poolside Lighting in Dalworthington Gardens, Texas

Poolside lighting lets you get much more use from your pool during the warmer part of the year. Creative Nightscapes offers poolside lights that come in different styles and designs to both enhance your pool area and make it a safer place to swim. Our poolside lighting services are available for residential and commercial customers.

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