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Outdoor Lighting & Design in Arlington, Texas

From low voltage security lighting to landscape lighting, there are plenty of options to make your yard or other outdoor space a beautiful place to be. You may want to showcase particular flowers or plants, or you may want to add nighttime ambiance to your patio, arbor, or fence.

LED landscape lighting is cool to the touch, so it won’t damage anything you put it next to. LED lights are long-lasting and require little maintenance. Best of all, your electric bills will stay low, and you’ll have a great-looking yard you can enjoy day or night.

No matter what type of outdoor lighting you’re thinking of for your property, the team at Creative Nightscapes has the solutions for you. When you work with us, we will help you create an outdoor lighting plan that gives you security along with beauty for your yard, patio, or other outdoor areas.

Our Landscape Lighting Services in Arlington, Texas

Creative Nightscapes has become well-renowned throughout the Arlington, Texas community for our incredible work with both residential and commercial outdoor lighting. We offer comprehensive outdoor lighting design and maintenance services, including:

When it comes to landscape lighting, one of the most important aspects to keep in mind is what the desired effect is. This will help homeowners and business owners decide what fixtures to use. With Creative Nightscapes’ incredible design team, you can rest assured that your outdoor lighting design will show off the bestow your property.

We also only use the highest-quality materials in the trade, ensuring that your investment will not be threatened by premature component failure. We also offer incredible warranties, protecting your investment from whatever life can throw at it.

LED Lighting in Arlington, Texas

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LED lighting for outdoor usage is the best choice for home and business owners across the Arlington area. This incredible advancement in the lighting community offers environmentally as well as economically friendly solutions to your outdoor lighting needs. Safely light up outdoor living areas, pathways, and gardens while saving money on energy costs. The outdoor lighting specialists at Creative Nightscapes can help you find the perfect outdoor lighting solution for your home or business’s specific needs while increasing its overall curb appeal.

Arlington Pathway Lighting

The walkways of your home or garden can be dangerous at night. The darkness can hide potential tripping hazards, increasing the risk of trip-and-fall accidents. These types of accidents can lead to injuries, such as twisted or broken ankles. Protect your family and guests by lighting up your home’s pathways with gorgeous pathway lighting from Creative Nightscapes.

Pergola Lighting in Arlington, Texas

Pergolas, arbors, and other outdoor structures provide much needed shade during the daytime and the perfect place to hang out from the rain. Pergola lighting extends the time you can use these shelters while also brightening up other outdoor features such as your patio, deck, or garden. Whether you want to sit outside and unwind while enjoying the dancing stars up above or you want to host company over for an outdoor get together, pergola lighting from Creative Nightscapes can make all the difference.

Garden Lighting in Arlington, Texas

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Want to give your garden an eye-catching look at nighttime? Display it in its best light with garden lighting from Creative Nightscapes. Our outdoor lighting specialists provide plenty of options for you to consider, so that the style of your outdoor lighting matches with the theme of your overall property.

We can help draw the eye to specific outdoor features, such as certain trees or rare flowers you may have. Garden lighting can also make the paths around your property safer to navigate, by giving you, your family, and guests the ability to see the perimeters of the path and ensure they are not accidentally wandering into a flower bed.

Resources for Arlington, Texas

With a population of nearly 380,000 people, Arlington, TX is a popular and beautiful place to call home. Its proximity to Dallas helps, but there are plenty of other great reasons to live there. The University of Texas at Arlington is there, along with an assembly plant for General Motors and Globe Life Park.

AT&T Stadium is in Arlington, as well, and you’ll also find Six Flags Over Texas, the headquarters of American Mensa, and the International Bowling Hall of Fame. That’s in addition to the shops and restaurants, parks and green spaces, and lovely historic areas that makeup Arlington. It’s a great place to live and work, and it continues to grow and develop.

One of the best things about Arlington, other than having so much to do in the area, is the weather. Summers are hot, but the days are long and the evenings are warm, so you can be outside doing all kinds of things. Even in the wintertime, the weather isn’t usually too cold or severe, so you can have fun outdoors nearly all year round.

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