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Outdoor Lighting & Design in Dallas, Texas

When you want to upgrade your existing outdoor lighting, Creative Nightscapes is ready to work with you on your outdoor lighting design to help you create an inviting atmosphere. While you can go with some basic outdoor lighting to make a path more accessible, designing a lighting concept with Creative Nightscapes will transform your existing yard into a nighttime oasis. If you want a beautiful yard that is showcased using landscape lighting, it’s time to call Creative Nightscapes to see how your yard can be changed into an amazing display.

Our outdoor lighting professionals have been serving Dallas, Texas with all of their outdoor lighting needs since our founding in 2004. Our excellent customer service has set us apart from the competition and has won us numerous awards, such as the Diamond Award for most outstanding contractor in the U.S.

Outdoor lighting is one of the most important investments you will make for your commercial or residential property. Make sure you have a team that knows what they are doing and protect your investment with incredible warranties by contacting Creative Nightscapes.

Our Landscape Lighting Services in Dallas, Texas

Creative Nightscapes is Dallas, Texas’s go-to resource for all of commercial or residential outdoor lighting needs. We offer a wide range of services including:

Outdoor lighting for your home or commercial property creates visual depth and highlights the unique character of your home. Creative Nightscapes uses only the highest-quality low-voltage lighting on the market for every outdoor lighting project. We seamlessly blend security and beauty in each one of our designs, ensuring that you and your guests will be captivated by the gorgeous sites while they navigate your property safely.

Landscape Lighting Installation and Design in Dallas

outdoor backyard are lit up by outdoor lighting

Installing lighting for your yard landscaping requires a professional in order to look great. Creative Nightscapes will work with you to come up with a design that you will love for your property. Together you will develop a plan that works for your home and your budget. When you care about how your home looks both during the day and at night, it’s important to use a trusted, professional lighting installation and design company in the Dallas area.

LED Low Voltage Lighting in Dallas, Texas

Creative Nightscapes offers environmentally friendly outdoor LED landscape lighting for a Greener tomorrow. This type of low voltage outdoor lighting offers a safe and reliable energy solution for illuminating homes and landscaping all night for pennies a day. You don’t want to have big electric bills, though, and there are ways to get the lighting you love without a lot of expense. 

Landscape LED low voltage lighting is a great way to make your yard really stand out in Dallas. One of the best ways to do that is through the use of low voltage lighting, which doesn’t use a lot of electricity but easily lights up even the biggest yards when placed correctly.

There are also excellent options for eco-friendly lighting, so you can get everything you want in your outdoor lighting without harming your plants or the rest of the surrounding environment. Taking care of your yard is important while you work to make it look as good as possible, day or night. 

Having low voltage LED lighting or other types of outdoor lighting options in your yard can really make it beautiful. Contact us, and we can help you explore some great options for an outdoor space you’ll love, day or night.

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting in Dallas, Texas

Creative Nightscapes creates gorgeous outdoor kitchen lighting designs and installations to help you prepare the perfect meal. Whether you are having an outdoor party or are looking for a romantic dinner out on your patio, outdoor kitchen lighting makes all the difference.

Our designers get an understanding of the layout of your outdoor kitchen and then come up with the perfect design that not only highlights the key areas, such as the preparation area and your cooking tops, but it also compliments the beautiful materials used to make your outdoor kitchen. We also ensure there is soft accent lighting, allowing your guests to be able to see while not being overly blinding. Present your outdoor kitchen and the delectable food you prepare in the best light with Creative Nightscapes.

Dallas Lighting Installation Services

beautiful house lit up by outdoor lighting

Creative Nightscapes is renowned for its outdoor lighting design and installation process, whose end product not only looks great, but our experts ensure that they are non-disruptive as possible during the installation process. We double check to ensure that all lights are installed and working properly, and then offer on-going maintenance services to protect your investment and ensure that your home or business is never left in the dark. Contact. our team today for more information on our lighting installation process!

Resources in Dallas, Texas

With a population of 1.2 million or more people, the city of Dallas, Texas is a vibrant city in which to live. The median household income is $43,781, while the median age of those living in Dallas is 32. With a median home price of $135,400, Dallas is an affordable place for most families to live and work.

There are many reasons people love living in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The area is ethnically diverse, and the shopping, restaurants, and activities available reflect this diversity. There’s no state income tax in Texas, and you’ll have a little extra money in your pocket than in other states. If you love football, Dallas is the place to live during the fall. The weather is also quite nice in the area, as Dallas experiences all four seasons during the year.

Take a Trip and Visit Dallas

Whether you’re flying in or out of Dallas you’ll likely utilize DFW International airport or Dallas Love Field. Dallas Love Field is a city-owned public airport, which houses the corporate headquarters for Southwest Airlines. DFW’s larger airport, the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, is one of the busiest airports in the world. DFW Airport is larger than the island of Manhattan and is the second-largest US airport in acreage next to Denver International Airport.

Whether you are interested in history, sports, art or more, there is plenty for you to do and see when you visit Dallas. Check out the Dealey Plaza National Historic District, and visit the John F. Kennedy Memorial Plaza, take a tour of downtown Dallas, or visit the Dallas Holocaust Museum. It is an area rich in history, and you spend days checking out the historical sites.

If you want to see Dallas from a unique perspective, you can even take a tour on a Segway or a trolley bus tour. For sports fans, there are plenty of teams to cheer for in Dallas. The Dallas Cowboys in the NFL, the Dallas Mavericks in the NBA, The Texas Rangers in major league baseball, and FC Dallas in major league soccer to name few. No matter what season it is, you can find a sport’s team to follow in Dallas.

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