A designed lighting feature on the exterior wall is reflected in the pool

Spring has arrived! As the weather gets warmer and your family spends more time outside of the home, your property should be easily accessible at all times. An outdoor lighting system can help you safely travel around your property at any time of the day or night.

Many homeowners love the aesthetics of an outdoor lighting system, and safety tends to be a secondary concern. But modern outdoor lighting systems are designed to be beautiful and functional so that your family can enjoy the look of exterior lighting and avoid common hazards as they roam after dark.

Safety Tips For Outdoor Lighting Systems

Antique style outdoor wall lamp.Entrance

The entrance to your home should be well lit so that neighbors and family members can spot potential intruders. Install light fixtures above or on either side of your front door so that it is clearly visible from the street.


Although steps are necessary for a sloped yard, they can turn into a hazard after dark. Use path lighting or post lamps to light the way as visitors walk across your property.


When visitors come onto your property, they may not spot the slopes and turns of your exterior paths at night. Install low-level path lighting so that guests can easily follow the paths to your home.

Decks & Patios

To safely use your deck or patio after dark, install overhead lamps, post lamps, or wall fixtures to light the entire space.


Your garage is the most frequently accessed area of your home. Install exterior light fixtures on both sides of your garage door so that you and your family can safely park your cars.

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