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  • Outdoor Lighting & Design in Highland Park, Texas

Landscape Lighting Design and Installation in Highland Park, Texas

Creative Nightscapes specializes in landscape lighting installation and design for both residential and commercial products in Highland Park, Texas. Our outdoor lighting professionals has experience installing every type of low voltage lighting systems. From landscape lighting to poolside lighting, our experts can do it all.

Founded in 2004, Creative Nightscapes was started by Patrick Cheatham, a graduate of the University of North Texas. Since starting the company from his garage, Patrick has worked overtime to build the company’s reputation in the community. This was done by ensuring that every client had gorgeous outdoor lighting that not only improved the visual appeal of their property but also increased the property’s overall value.

To-date, our outdoor lighting specialists have over 7,000 lighting projects under our belt. Creative Nightscapes, due to the high-caliber of the designs and installations has quickly become one of the most recognized names in outdoor lighting across the DFW metroplex. Our team backs all of our projects by incredible warranties to further protect our clients’ investment from whatever life may throw at it. We strive to put our clients first, making each interaction personable.

Outdoor Lighting Services in Highland Park, TX

Creative Nightscapes is Highland Park, Texas’s go-to provider of all outdoor lighting services. We redefine how our clients’ view their properties at night by providing exceptional outdoor lighting design and installation for both commercial or residential properties. Here is a list of services we offer to the city of Highland Park, Texas:

Creative Nightscapes is committed to providing exceptional customer service. We honor this commitment by never outsourcing our projects to subcontractors. Instead, our team of outdoor lighting designers and installers take the utmost pride in their work, and do everything in their power to ensure that each project is as unique as the clients we serve. We also offer ongoing maintenance services to all of our outdoor lighting systems that we install. With Creative Nightscapes by your side, you can rest assured that your property will never be left in the dark.

Landscape Lighting in Highland Park, TX

many tall trees being lit up by landscape lighting

Highland Park is a beautiful area of Dallas, Texas, and having a home there means you’ll want to keep it looking great. Your yard is a big part of that. One of the ways to keep your yard beautiful is to have it landscaped, but when you want it to look good at night, too, you’ll need some outdoor lighting.

Low voltage LED outdoor lighting is popular as landscape lighting because it’s easy on your electric bill. It also stays cool to the touch. That means you can have landscape lighting in your flower beds and close to plants without worrying there will be too much heat or that they might become damaged from being right near or against the lighting.

Security Lighting in Highland Park, Texas

Security lighting gives you, your family, guests, or employees peace of mind. Not only does it brighten up dark areas to make the grounds more visible but it also makes it harder for intruders to hide. With the ability to see the environment around your property, it reduces the time needed to react and call authorities when an issue arises.

Our outdoor security lighting is versatile in terms of design, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the security lighting affecting the overall visual appeal of your home or business. Creative Nightscapes can ensure that your security lighting seamlessly blends into the overall design of your outdoor lighting, not only offering protection but adding the beauty of your Highland Park, Texas property.

Driveway Lighting in Highland Park, Texas

Welcome in your family and guests by investing in eye-catching driveway lighting from Creative Nightscapes. Regardless of whether your home was custom-built or designed by a homebuilder, we know that every single property is unique as those who live in it. This is why our outdoor lighting designers create tailored solutions for your driveway lighting needs. We can help you find the perfect fixtures for your driveway lighting; including but not limited to:

  • Transit lighting
  • Post lighting
  • Pathway lighting

Don’t let you, your family, or your guests trip in the dark and instead, contact Creative Nightscapes today for more information on our driveway lighting services.

Highland Park, Texas Poolside Lighting

pool surrounded by outdoor lighting

Deciding on what type of poolside lighting to place around your outdoor oasis can be overwhelming. With so many options to choose from, it may feel like you are drowning in light fixtures. Not to worry. The dedicated outdoor lighting specialists at Creative Nightscapes can help you find the perfect outdoor pool lighting design to enhance the overall look of your pool’s appearance and ensure that you can enjoy this oasis no matter what time of day. Contact our team for more details on how you can transform the way you look at your poolside space.

Local Resources for Highland Park, Texas

Highland Park, TX is among the most exclusive Dallas neighborhoods. Because it’s such a great place to call home, there are plenty of things to do there. You can enjoy shopping and restaurants throughout the day and into the evening, and then visit a bar or nightclub if you want to stay out and have fun a little longer.

The eating options you’ll have in Highland Part are amazing, with many different types of cuisine to choose from. Whether you like Italian food, Thai cuisine, seafood, or something else, there are both upscale and casual dining options. Sandwiches to 5-star eateries are all available to you.

There’s more to the area than food, though. The parks and green spaces are beautiful places to relax or get some exercise, and the shopping options are large. There are tennis courts, walking paths, and ponds with swans in them, along with fountains and the beauty of Lakeside Park and its collection of granite teddy bear statues.

With a central location that’s convenient to everything, major retailers like Ralph Lauren and Gucci have shops in Highland Park. If you’re looking for a high-quality shopping experience, head to Highland Park Village, which is America’s oldest outdoor mall. At the end of the day, you can head home to your lovely home, and enjoy the landscaped and well-lit beauty of your yard, as well.

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