A palatial Westlake home is lit up at night

Add Security with Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Security Lighting is a VERY important aspect to outdoor lighting. Outdoor / landscape lighting adds a lovely dimension to any home, enabling you, your family and friends to enjoy your home throughout the entire night. At the same time, outdoor lighting will dissuade burglars from enjoying your house at your expense!

Studies have shown that when a burglar is casing the neighborhood for a home to rob, they will pass up a house that is well lit. They will usually forgo a well lit home for one that is dark. Robbers do not enjoy working in well-lit areas because it increases their chance of someone seeing them and calling the police.

Discouraging Home Invaders with Lighting

Both police departments and insurance companies agree that a home without outdoor security lighting is up to three times more likely to be burglarized than a home that is well lit. Exterior lighting is a great way to discourage home invaders and robbers by removing hiding places and the cover of darkness. Bright spotlights are not always necessary, a high level of security can be achieved by carefully and strategically placing low-level lighting in areas around your home.

It is important to have outdoor lighting and security lighting working at all times. If you are on vacation, a system with timer is important. Be sure your entire property is well lit. Having a well lit front patio is not going to help if the back area is dark.

Contact Creative Nightscapes to have a consultant show you exactly how outdoor lighting can help to make your home more secure today.