A well lit front yard with porch lights and lights that highlight plants and illuminate the path

Halloween is approaching, and for some that means dressing up their little ones and collecting candy from neighbors. For others, it means cleaning up after the local teenagers prank your home. But what if you could scare those unruly troublemakers away? There are many ways to do so, and one of the best is to utilize outdoor lighting. Here’s how:

Keep your Front Yard Well Lit

It’s a well-known fact that criminals tend to operate under the cover of darkness. The same goes for troublesome pranksters. A dark yard gives them the opportunity to make a mess in your yard with less of a chance of getting caught. Here are some lighting ideas that may deter pranksters:

Extra Porch Lighting

When your front porch is well-lit, it gives the impression that you’re home and awake. It also makes it easier for you to see out into your yard. Having lamps or soffit lights above your porch will brighten up the area and make it harder for Halloween pranksters to egg your door or cause any other trouble on your property.

Pathway Lighting

Pathway lighting helps to invite in trick-or-treaters, but it also helps to light up a larger portion of your front yard. This means that there will be fewer shadows for troublemakers to lurk in.

Landscape Lighting

Another great way to add light to your property is with landscape lighting. With landscape lighting, you can highlight beautiful plants or other elements on your property while also getting the added benefit of extra light. And if you have uplights under your trees, it’ll be a lot harder for pranksters to tepee your trees without being seen.

Add Security Lighting

Of course, security lights are a great way to deter troublemakers at any time of the year, but they can be especially effective on teenage pranksters.


Floodlights are an effective form of security lighting. These bright lights can blast a large area with intense light. They’re especially effective when they’re motion-activated.

When your floodlights are on throughout the night, they may bother your family or your neighbors. Motion-activated floodlights, on the other hand, may give young trespassers the impression that they’ve been caught, causing them to take flight. In addition, when your bright floodlights suddenly flash on, it may alert you to the fact that someone has stepped onto your lawn. Then you can go investigate and scare any remaining Halloween pranksters off your lawn.

High-Intensity Discharge Lights

Have a big front lawn that you want to light up? Then high-intensity discharge (HID) lights may be the way to go. These lights will bathe the entire area in light, leaving Halloween pranksters with no dark areas to skulk through.

If you want to get some lighting added to your front yard, contact Creative Nightscapes. Their landscape lighting professionals will come up with a lighting design that not only makes your home safer, but that makes your home more beautiful as well. Call them today to get lighting on your property before Halloween arrives.

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