Artistic accents highlight the lighting design on a sidewalk

The walkways that surround your home serve an important function. Paved paths allow you to freely travel to and from your house without damaging the landscape. Walkways can be decorative and intricately designed, but they are also essential to the use of your property.

Outdoor lighting will keep your walkways beautiful and functional at all times. When designing your outdoor lighting system, be sure to choose lights that have been rated for wet or damp conditions. Cost, style, and color are also important considerations when installing landscape lighting. Your professional installation company can help you select the right products for your home.

Outdoor Lighting Tips For Walkways

Well-lit walkway surrounded by plants.Choose A Theme

Your walkways should accent your home. Make sure your outdoor lighting system is designed appropriately for your yard.

Use Just Enough Light

The lighting around your walkways should be slightly dim. Don’t use lamps that draw attention away from the landscape or make your paths difficult to use.

Space Evenly

Consistent spacing ensures your lighting system will add to the ascetics of the property.

Pick Your Metals

Metal fixtures are common in landscape lighting systems, but each metal will react differently to outdoor conditions. Choose the fixtures that are best for your yard.

Consider LED

Low voltage LED lamps are inexpensive and will last longer than high voltage lighting. Choose the bulbs that work best for your walkways and your budget.

Time It

A timing system will keep your lights off during the day and can help you save money on your electric bill.

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