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Not Every Outdoor Lighting Company is Created Equal.

Hello from the Team at Creative Nightscapes Outdoor Lighting. Our goal in writing our blog is to have a more informed clientele to allow for open and honest information in helping folks make the best decision possible for hiring an outdoor lighting company to Design, Install and Service their outdoor lighting.

Outdoor lighting has made a quantum leap forward with the developments of LED (light-emitting diodes) lamps. LED lights have a longer lamp life and will run at 75% less energy consumption than traditional lighting, and now offers a beautiful warm color most homeowner want on their property.  There are many companies offering outdoor lighting installation, but very few offering design, installation, and service.

Hiring a Landscape Lighting Company

  • Ask potential landscape lighting companies how many projects they have completed in your area and if they can provide customer testimonials.
  • Ask to see addresses of projects, clients phone numbers.
  • Ask to see insurance certificates to verify they have valid insurance.
  • Do they have an office or do they work out of a garage?
  • Do they have company trucks?
  • Are they in uniforms?
  • Do they offer service plans and warranties?

Look for an outdoor lighting company with a designer who has 1000 homes in the area.  This suggests he may know what he is doing as opposed to a landscaper or electrician who puts lights in every now and again.

Homeowners should hire professionals to design and install their lighting systems. Just like any home service, you should expect value and expertise. After you find a professional with whom you are comfortable and he or she has shown you all of the above information as well as to what they are capable of doing with your home and landscape, then you can make an informed decision.

It really helps if you like the person as well!

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