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  • Outdoor Lighting & Design in Haslet, Texas

Outdoor Lighting & Design in Haslet, Texas

Improve the value and appeal of your Haslet, Texas property with exceptional outdoor lighting from Creative Nightscapes. Our outdoor lighting specialists can outfit your home or business with landscape lighting, pool lighting, security lighting, and so much more. We have quickly become the most trusted resource in Haslet, Texas for outdoor lighting. Since our founding in 2004, we have made huge strides to ensure that all of our clients are equipped with the highest-quality fixtures that our industry has to offer.

Our excellent customer service and keen eye for detail has set us apart from the competition. When you need outdoor lighting that is sure to turn heads, you know you can rely on Creative Nightscapes.

Our Landscape Lighting Services in Haslet, Texas

Creative Nightscapes offers a wide range of outdoor lighting services to the commercial and residential properties of Haslet, Texas. These services include the following:

Specializing in outdoor lighting design, installation, and maintenance services, Creative Nightscapes has set itself apart from the competition. Our specialists have been recognized through numerous awards, such as the Diamond Award for Most Outstanding Contractor in the U.S.

Outdoor lighting is one of the most important investments you will ever make for your residential or commercial property. Make sure you are investing in a team that has your best interests at heart and backs up their services with incredible warranties. When you need outdoor lighting, there is not another name like Creative Nightscapes.

Landscape Lighting Services in Haslet, Texas

many tall trees being lit up by landscape lighting

It’s time to showcase your outdoor landscape in Haslet, Texas with lighting solutions from Creative Nightscapes. When you want the best outdoor lighting options in the area, it’s time to call Creative Nightscapes and discuss a plan.

Whether you want to light up an entryway or many areas of your yard, it’s important to do the job right. Creative Nightscapes has the experience and service to help you bring life to your home at night.

An originally designed lighting system set up by Creative Nightscapes will highlight the beautiful features in your yard. Outdoor lighting can have a positive impact on the value of your home as well as create an inviting atmosphere and improved curb appeal. Contact Creative Nightscapes for full-service outdoor lighting designs and installation. We offer a free consultation and quote. 

Outdoor Lighting Installation Services in Haslet, Texas

Exterior lighting is essential for the safety of your home at night but it also plays a huge role in your home’s overall curb appeal. Make sure you are investing in outdoor lighting specialists who know what they are doing during the installation process to ensure that not only your lights look good but they are also installed correctly. Incorrectly installed outdoor lighting can be hazardous, increasing the risk of fire and burn injuries, or the fixtures getting damaged and needing to be replaced prematurely.

Creative Nightscapes is renowned for our quick and effective installation process, that doesn’t disrupt your day. Within 24-48 hours of our team starting the installation process, you can expect to have captivating and reliable outdoor lighting for years to come.

Outdoor Kitchen Lighting in Haslet, Texas

Creative Nightscapes is the trusted choice for all outdoor kitchen lighting design and installation services. Make your food preparation space a place that not only allows you to create the perfect meal for your family and friends but is the ideal place to hang out at night. Reduce the risk of accidents or overcooking your food by increasing visibility while not sacrificing on visual appeal.

Pool Deck Lighting Services in Haslet, Texas

pool surrounded by outdoor lighting

Deciding on what type of pool deck lighting you want to go alongside the crowning jewel of your backyard can be overwhelming. This is especially true when you consider how many options there is to choose from.

Fret no more, the landscape lighting designers at Creative Nightscapes can help you create a pool deck lighting look that compliments your pool while highlighting other key outdoor features, Whether you’re more interested in a subtle and relaxing atmosphere or want something that is a bit more snazzy, we have the solutions for you! Contact our team today for more details on our pool deck lighting services.

Local Resources for Haslet, Texas

With a cost of living that is 30% higher than the average in Texas, it can be difficult for some families to live in the town. It’s a beautiful area, and most residents find that the higher cost of living is worth it because the crime rate is so low, the school system is great, and the weather is decent throughout the year. When you want to live in a town that has a community feel to it, Haslet is an excellent choice.

As Haslet, Texas is a small residential area, residents find that getting involved through volunteer work, going to the local library or taking a class through the Recreation Department is a great way to get more involved in the community. Haslet is 42 miles Northwest of Dallas, and 18 miles North of Fort Worth. There’s plenty to do in the area because of Haslet’s close proximity to both cities.

Visiting Haslet, Texas

As a small town close to Fort Worth, Haslet, Texas does not rely much on the tourist industry. It is rural, and community-oriented. Visitors to the area tend to spend a lot of time checking out Fort Worth and the restaurants and shopping offered there. Homeowners love Haslet because it’s so small, yet it’s close enough to Fort Worth any time residents want to head to the city for the night.

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