Bright Lights Illuminate a white 2-story home

Many homeowners install outdoor lighting systems to enhance the natural beauty of their home, but outdoor lighting systems can also be used to deter crime. An outdoor lighting system that is designed to address security concerns protects homeowners from thieves, vandals, and other criminals that could endanger your home and your family.

Why Should I Install Security Lighting?

Outdoor lighting systems are designed to highlight the aesthetics of your home and create a safe space for guests to move around your property. Unfortunately, traditional outdoor lighting systems can also highlight the features of your home for unwelcome guests – criminals who are looking for the best possible way to break in.

Security lighting protects your home by controlling how and when criminals can see your property at night. With dusk to dawn lighting, motion activated lighting, and directed lighting for security cameras you can protect your home from intruders and increase the value of your property.

Popular Security Lighting Techniques

Dusk To Dawn Lighting deters crime by illuminating your property. These lights are extremely bright and can make it difficult for a criminal to break into your house without being seen. Dusk to dawn lighting comes on as soon as the sun sets and turns off around dawn, silently protecting your home while you sleep.

Motion Activated Lighting deters crime by shocking potential intruders. These lights turn on when guests come within a specified distance of the house. If you, your family, or your friends come home after dark, motion activated lights will help you find your way inside. If a criminal tries to size up your house, motion activated lighting will show them that your house is protected and allow you to see who they are.

Directed Lighting is used in combination with security cameras to identify criminals as they approach your home. These lights illuminate the area in front of your camera so that you can clearly see intruders and catch any potential crime on videotape.

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