Lights installed around a patio set the poolside mood

With the right lighting, an outdoor kitchen can turn any patio into a social hotspot. A professionally installed outdoor lighting system will highlight the features of your outdoor kitchen and allow you to keep cooking long after dark.

An outdoor kitchen has specialized lighting needs. Many companies use low voltage lighting because it lasts longer and is more energy efficient than other options. If you live in an area with regular rain or humidity, be sure to ask for lights that have been rated for wet and/or damp locations. Dimmers can add a decorative touch to your finished outdoor lighting system and help set the mood for any event.

Outdoor Lighting Areas

Above The Grill – Your cook space should be well lit to ensure food is prepared correctly. Install task lighting above the grill and any other areas you plan to cook.

On The Ceiling – Overhead lighting can help open up your space. A ceiling fan with a lighting fixture will keep your outdoor kitchen bright and deter mosquitos.

Near The Bar – Whether you’re mixing drinks or serving food, your bar top should have good lighting. Choose lighting fixtures that are both beautiful and functional.

Above Your Cabinets – Your cabinets should be accessible at all times. Under cabinet lighting should keep your countertops lit and shine down onto your cabinet doors.

Around Walkways – For your safety and the safety of your guests, the paths leading up to your outdoor kitchen should have lighting installed on either side.

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