A staircase leads down to a resort style swimming pool

Your pool is one of the best features of your yard. Whether you’re swimming with friends or admiring the design from a distance, poolside lighting adds to the value and character of your home. The right outdoor lighting techniques can enhance its aesthetics and provide you with round the clock access to your swimming pool.

Pool Lighting Techniques

Spotlight Above Ground Pools

Spotlighting can draw attention to an above ground pool. Mount a lamp on a nearby tree or pole to transform your pool into the centerpiece of your yard.

Use Ambient Light For In-Ground Pools- Strategically place lights around the borders of an in-ground pool for an ethereal effect. Dark pools with blue or black lining may need more lighting than pools with lighter finishes.

Add LED Lights

Because they are long lasting and economical, LED lights are a popular choice for pool lighting systems. LEDs provide soft, ambient light at a fraction of the cost of high voltage lamps.

Try Colored Lights For Special Events

Use purple, blue, or red lights to add a dramatic touch to your in-ground pool. Colored lights are perfect for parties when your swimming pool becomes the most popular spot on your property.

Be Safe Around Your Pool

Your pool deck should be safe to use at all times. Make sure the surface around your pool is well lit and clearly visible from your home.

Keep Paths Well Lit

When in use, water from your pool can quickly spread to concrete paths. Use path lighting on the walkways that run from the pool to your house to guarantee safety.

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