One of the most important influencers of creating an illusion of function and larger space in a small space is the lighting. It’s important to have a mix of last, accent and ambient lighting to make the space both visually appealing and as functional as can be. For an outdoor space try to have a mix of high-voltage wall sconce lighting and low voltage up-lighting mixed in with the plants. Task lighting is especially important over a grill or other outdoor work spaces. 

Jeff Dross, Kichler Lighting’s corporate director of education and industry trends, stresses the importance of lighting for small spaces. “Simply put, the addition of light can expand the space. It can also expand the time that your clients can enjoy their landscapes,” he says, Dross adds that LED lights can also help keep costs low when lights are left on well into the evening hours. With small spaces, Dross recommends lighting accents for back corners and yard edges. This illuminates the farthest extend of your space and gives the illusion of a larger space; he says “Also, you can mimic moonlight every night by filtering the light through the trees, which creates interesting shadow patterns, By aiming your lighting on the ground, this also makes the space appear much larger”.