Outdoor landscape lighting for your Texas home not only adds a level of security but greatly enhances the beauty of your home’s exterior at night. Landscape lighting design takes skill and experience both of which all of the outdoor lighting design experts at Creative Nightscapes have immensely. One of the tactics our designers employ is seeking out little plants or corners of a home’s landscaping that would have been overlooked by other less experienced landscape lighting designers.

Dallas Texas Outdoor Lighting Design

For example, we recently were hired to install outdoor lighting at a home in the Dallas Fort Worth area and as one can see from the images here, the job turned out beautifully due to our installation crew’s attention to detail. There is this gorgeous palm planted along the walkway to the front door of the home. Our designer chose to showcase this palm using an uplighting technique. Uplighting is placing light underneath a bush or tree and aiming the light up to highlight the object. In the case of this palm, the light makes the plant glow and really stand out adding a very nice texture and added dimension to the overall outdoor lighting design.