How much does outdoor lighting cost? How much does it cost to buy a car? How much does it cost to build a swimming pool? The real answer is “it depends”. I know that sounds kind of snarky, but there are a lot of factors that go into designing and installing an outdoor lighting project, just as there are many cars to choose from i.e. the options on a car, make and model etc. If you are just looking for transportation and no options, you can find a basic car that is much less expensive than others. The same can be said for swimming pools, if you just want a basic pool to get wet in, you can buy a fiberglass pool that is less than a custom designed pool, or you can have one with stone work, waterfall, etc. With professional exterior lighting it can range from 10 up lights on the front of a home to as many as several hundred with lights mounted in trees, under steps, inside water features and in outdoor kitchens. So without sounding “snarky” it all depends on the home, landscape, trees, and what the individual homeowner wants to light.

As our experience tells us, price is not always the main factor in deciding on outdoor lighting, but it ranks up there when trying to find a professional to design, install and service quality outdoor lighting. There are many things to understand about outdoor lighting; for example, quality of products, design from a professional, warranties and service.

One of the factors you want to focus on is using long life LED lights with a beautiful warm color content that comes with a warranty. Do the fixtures come from a quality lighting company who has been in business for several years? Does the installation come with a digital timer with a built in daylight savings feature (so you don’t have to worry about the lights coming on and off at designated times)? Does the installer offer specific design elements to your install such as lights mounted in eaves or in trees for moonlight effect? Other specific design elements include lights mounted in stone work, under steps, and running wiring under driveways and sidewalks. Does the client want a remote control? all of which are important to a seamless installation. All of these options are very important when choosing a lighting design company to work on installing your system.

Creative Nightscapes offers a variety of designs for our clients ranging from small to large projects. Design is based on what is best for the individual homeowner.

So you say, “how much does an outdoor lighting system cost”.

If you want a North Texas outdoor lighting company whose sole focus is and always has been outdoor lighting, has received awards for their work and is accredited by an organization for their work you can expect to pay between $185 and $250 per fixture installed in the Dallas Fort Worth area. It may be a typical up light on the home for a LED light is $210 and a LED mounted in a tree is $235, or a light mounted in steps is $215 and a light mounted in a water feature is $225. The design on the project may call for several different types of fixtures, i.e., up lights on home, down lights in trees, wash lights to graze landscape beds, path lights along walkways and wall lights mounted in stonework along walls. You can go from a 10 light basic package of $2400 to a mid level installation of $5,000, up to an extensive package of $7,500 to $10,000, it all depends on what you want.

Creative Nightscapes only hires trained professionals.  We have company vehicles, men in uniform, and all of the proper insurance. Our goal is to provide a quality design based on our 10 years in the outdoor lighting industry. We offer only state of the art LED outdoor lighting with quality design and quality products. Our lights come from a lighting manufacturing company who has been in business for 75 years and has fantastic warranties to ensure products will last the test of time. The Creative Nightscapes professional designer and crew will do whatever it takes to do the right thing for our clients.

The price may a bit higher than a company who does many things, i.e., landscape, pool service, electrician, and works out of their home. But we guarantee you will be completely satisfied with our work.