Manufacturers have finally figured out how to ‘warm up’ colors of LED lighting

Proclaim it until you’re blue in the face, landscape lighting shoppers: “We demand warm light!”

“My clients want warm natural light. They do not want cold light at all,” said Joel Berlin, owner of AnandaScapes, a San Diego lighting and landscape design company.

Is there a second? “I would say one of the biggest things outside of technology that really translates for the customer is warm white,” said Jenny Earnest, merchant for exterior decorative landscape and security for the Home Depot.

Homeowners hot for light-emitting diode (LED) technology — or at least the considerable energy savings promised by ditching halogen — once had to live with bluish white light in their yards or delay adoption. Manufacturers finally figured it out: They put a phosphor coating over the top of a blue LED that changes it to a warm white color, said James Helms, product manager for San Marcos-based FX Luminaire, which produces fixtures and transformers/controllers.