What Are the Best LED Colors For Outside?

Colorful lights set the mood at poolside

Outdoor lighting adds security and beauty to your home. From spotlights on a fountain to path lights accentuating gorgeous details in stonework and plants to warm outdoor kitchen lights, the type of light color you use can make all the difference. Choose LED light color hues that complement the landscape and avoid clashing with your home or garden. Here are some of the best LED colors for outdoor use. 

Understand the Kelvin Color Temperature Scale

It is important to understand the Kelvin Color Temperature Scale before you buy or add outdoor lighting. Measured by degrees on the Kelvin scale, it is used to indicate if lights give off a cool or warm glow. These temperatures are placed on the packaging of the LED bulbs. The primary range for residential outdoor lighting is between 2500K and 4000K. Warmer colors, mainly used to show off architectural elements, are in the 2500K-2700K range. Cooler temperatures, great for use in a garden, are located in the 3000K-4000K range. 

Color Breakdown

  • Warm lights
    • 2700K
  • Warm or natural white lights
    • 3000K
  • Cool white 
    • 4000K

Choose Color Temperatures for Your Landscape

To create the most aesthetically pleasing and welcoming environment, choose lights with Kelvin temperatures that make sense. When lighting the landscape, such as a lawn, avoid the cooler temperatures. They cast bluish tones and can give the grass and surrounding plant life a sickly look, creating an uneasy feeling. Instead, choose warmer colors that disperse light more evenly. A bulb with a Kelvin temperature at 2700K will cast a soothing hue that mimics the warmth of a campfire. This helps give your yard a relaxed atmosphere, leaving you and your guests more comfortable.   

Entertainment Color Lighting

For entertainment areas, such as an outdoor kitchen or dining room, stick to lights on the lower end of the Kelvin scale. For example, a 2700K bulb, as you can use with lawn lighting, will be your best bet to provide a nice, even glow over your entertainment area. It is also easier on the eyes, which will help reduce strain. The soothing campfire-type light creates a romantic, relaxed, and easy-going atmosphere, perfect for outdoor parties or dinners. 

Trees and Gardens

Cooler colors are perfect for highlighting trees and specific plants, and they create a moonlight effect to play off of the plant’s natural colors, making them pop. For the best results, place your cooler LED lights higher up in the plant or tree and wash the subject and the surrounding area in stunning white light. These types of lighting fixtures can also be installed with a glare shield that wraps around the bulb, ensuring that the light is cast downwards.  

When it comes to light colors, following these helpful tips can help you create a beautiful landscape with only a few bulbs. For expert installation and immaculate lighting designs, contact Creative Nightscapes. The Creative Nightscapes design team has mastered the Kelvin Temperature Scale with an unparalleled eye for detail and can help you create perfect landscape lighting that is both functional and practical. Call Creative Nightscapes for a consultation today!