Creative Nightscapes for the Best Outdoor Lighting Solutions in Prosper, Texas

Well lit large houseWhen you live in Prosper, Texas, it’s time to showcase your outdoor landscape. With Creative Nightscapes, you have lighting solutions to make your home look great. When you want the best outdoor lighting options in the area, it’s time to call Creative Nightscapes and discuss a plan.

Even when you just want to light up an entryway, it’s important to do the job right. When you work with a reputable business such as Creative Nightscapes, you will bring life to your home at night.

Landscape Lighting Installation and Design in Prosper, Texas

When you own a home in Prosper, Texas, you want to make sure that your home looks great both during the day and at night. A well designed lighting concept can draw attention to your home and give you the elegant look you are going for. By working with a professional lighting installation and design company such as Creative Nightscapes, you will be able to create your dream home. When you love your home, you want to make it show. It’s time to work with Creative Nightscapes to come up with a design that works for your property, giving you the curb appeal that you deserve when you live in Prosper, Texas.

LED Low Voltage Lighting in Prosper, TX

Outdoor LED lighting in front of poolLandscape LED low voltage lighting is a great way to make your yard really stand out in Prosper. One of the best ways to do that is through the use of low voltage lighting, which doesn’t use a lot of electricity but easily lights up even the biggest yards when placed correctly. There are also excellent options for eco-friendly lighting, so you can get everything you want in your outdoor lighting without harming your plants or the rest of the surrounding environment.

Taking care of your yard is important while you work to make it look as good as possible, day or night. Creative Nightscapes offers field proven and eco friendly outdoor lighting products that are the most technically advanced in the outdoor lighting industry.

Living in Prosper, Texas

The median household income in Prosper, Texas is $111,641, more than double the median household income of Texas as a whole. It’s a wealthy area of Texas, with a low crime rate and an excellent school system. The weather is beautiful, with an average summer temperature of 81 degrees. The median home price is $343,100, more than 2 1/2 times the median home price in Texas. The population in Prosper is roughly 21,685, and the town is 35 miles from downtown Dallas. It’s a suburb of the Dallas/Fort Worth area and it’s within 25 minutes of two major airports. 82% of the population of Prosper is younger than 35 years old.

Why Residents Love Living In Prosper, Texas

Lakes of Prosper TX signProsper, Texas is an affluent area, and residents appreciate the safety of the town and the close proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth. While the cost of living is a bit high, so are the incomes of those that live in Prosper. For local food, check out Chefs on Scene, great barbeque with a Cajun twist. Prosper is considered a town that is growing, and it’s the perfect place to raise a family. With plenty of safe places for children to play, Prosper is an area where neighbors know each other. It’s a great community and one that residents love to be a part of. To get more involved in the community of Prosper, the Parks and Recreation Department offers programs for youth and adults to keep people active. There’s plenty to do here, and you’ll find plenty of volunteer opportunities as well. Looking for a great local plant nursery? Check out Y C Nurseries Prosper

Proximity of Prosper, Texas to Dallas and Fort Worth

Prosper, Texas is approximately 35 miles North of Dallas, which takes about an hour when traveling the Dallas North Tollway. It’s a bit further from Fort Worth, but still a reasonable drive if you want to go out on the town for the night.

Visiting Prosper, Texas

Prosper is basically a residential town, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty to do within close proximity of the area. A quick trip north and visitors can take in all the sights and scene of downtown Dallas. The town of Prosper has a busy recreational department, and offers family friendly events throughout the year. If you like nature and spending time outside, it’s time to take a trip to Prosper to see what there is to offer.

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Great Service

Overall experience was excellent. George was very helpful and communicated great. Service was excellent and professional.

George W.

George W.

Installed Kichler LED landscape lighting at home in Whitley Place. Placed up lights accenting facade of home, garage, grand entry, trees in front yard, and magnolia trees behind pool. Mounted hardscapes and down lights to highlight barbecue area, pool deck walkway, and landscape around pool.

Near Redpine Dr, Prosper, TX 75078
George W.

George W.

Installed Kichler LED landscape lighting at home in Whitley Place. Front: up lights accenting canopies of various trees, and path lights highlighting the walkway to entry. Back: down lights mounted in eaves highlighting pool deck, path lights highlighting walkways, up lights accenting trees.

Near Longwood Dr, Prosper, TX 75078
George W.

George W.

Installed new and upgraded LED lighting at home in Willow Ridge. Used up lights to accent the front columns and facade. Down lights to add moonlighting to the walkway and steps. Spots and path lights in the backyard.

Near Willowmist Dr, Prosper, TX 75078
George W.

George W.

Installed new lighting system on home in Prosper Texas

Near Willowmist Dr, Prosper, TX 75078
George W.

George W.

Installed new lighting system on

Near Willowmist Dr, Prosper, TX 75078